Thursday, 16 January 2014

ANNA's HEART translations

I’m late 

I’m late 
Yesterday, I was at the Kamen Rider event❗️
Once again, I shared the scene with Fourze and had really a lot of fun, along with the guest artist Hitomi; it was the best overall venue, filled with enthusiasm ✨✨✨
Hitomi-san’s dressing room and mine were next to each other (laugh) ❤︎

I’m late 
Moreover, there was Shounen’no Kaze❗️
Yesterday, Gaim and Kaze gave a really good Live ❤︎
And for the finale, we brought up the atmosphere all together and had fun
Shounen’no Kaze are the best
And after the Live, I thought I’d be going back home but I ran into MINMI It’s been a while ❤︎ It was nice to see her ❤︎

I’m late
After New Year’s Eve, on the 1st and 2nd of January, we went to grandma’s and drank delicious sake and ate gofushi*, then on the 3rd, work started again❗️
I thought the start of the New Year would be more hectic, but thankfully it wasn’t
I was really lucky to start it with the children’s smiles and family love in the Tsuchiya house, that’s what I realized during those three days❗️

I’m late
This year will be a year bringing lots of smiles…
And thank you to the fans and everyone else for this year to come ❤︎
Anna too will work hard and let’s all follow the music ✨✨✨
Thank you for watching Anna on TV for the turn of the New Year❗️
The whole lot of comments made me happy.

The other day
I had had Justin Davis earrings cleaned so, because they finally arrived, I put them all again after a while.


Come to think of it
Early this year, Emi-san hurt her neck while snowboarding (laugh)

FRANÇAIS : "Je suis en retard"

Hier, je suis allée à l’événement Kamen Rider
Encore une fois j’ai partagé la scène avec Fourze et je me suis vraiment amusée, avec  Hitomi. C’était le meilleur lieu dans l’ensemble, rempli d’enthousiasme✨✨✨
La loge d’Hitomi était juste à côté de la mienne.

De plus, il y avait aussi Shounen’ no Kaze️ 
Hier, Gaim et Kaze ont donné un très bon concert.
Et pour le final nous étions tous ensemble et avons eu beaucoup de plaisir.
Shounen’no Kaze sont les meilleurs. 
Et après le concert, je pensais que je rentrerais chez moi mais j’ai couru voir MINMI. Ça faisait longtemps ! C’était bon de la revoir.

Après le nouvel an, le 1er et le 2 janvier, nous sommes allés chez grand-mère et nous avons bu du délicieux saké et mangé du gofushi, ensuite le 3, je suis retourné travailler.
Je pensais que le commencement de cette année serait plus mouvementé, mais heureusement, ce n’était pas le cas.
J’ai vraiment été chanceuse de commencer la nouvelle année avec le sourire de mes enfants et l’amour de ma famille dans notre maison. C’est ce que j’ai réalisé durant ces 3 jours.

Cette année va être une année qui va apporter de nombreux sourires…
Et merci à tous mes fans et aux autres pour cette année qui arrive. ❤︎
Anna aussi va travailler dur et se consacrer à la musique.✨✨✨
Merci d’avoir regardé Anna pour le compte à rebours à la télévision ! 
Les commentaires m’ont rendue heureuse.

J’avais envoyé mes boucles d’oreilles Justin Davis à nettoyer, donc parce qu’elles sont enfin arrivées, je les ai remise après un long moment.

Je viens d’y penser ! ❗️❗️❗️
Plus tôt cette année, Emi s’est blessée au cou en faisant du snowboard !

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Yamato's update

This year, because of the various promotions and gazillion lives Anna held in Japan, she apparently could not take her family to annual New Year's trip (remember they went to Hawaii, last year), but they still spent a few days in the mountains. Yamato posted those couple pictures of Sky and Simba.

S-Saigo no Keikan presentation at the TOHO Cinema

Today took place the presentation of Anna's next drama in TOHO Cinema. Indeed, according to Tokyohive, this drama will have a movie adaptation at the end of 2014 that will be released in cinemas. As expected, a lot of great actors, as Mukai Osamu, Ayano Go and Fukushii Kazue. Since it seems like a highly-awaited drama, I don't have doubts that it will be subtitled, at least on Drama-Addicts. Check it out! Moreover, I found websites that stream TBS. They may be laggy or not working at all but it's worth trying. I will also paste the article written on Tokyohive about it, as well as the synopsis. 


An intense Sunday drama that follows the members of the newly established "National Police Safety Rescue" (NPS) team whose purpose is to make sure that various hostage situations get resolved quickly with both the hostages and the criminals still alive. The two protagonists are the NPS member Kamikura Ichigo (Mukai), sports-minded former boxer whose specialty is close combat, and a very skilled sniper of the Special Assault Team (SAT) named Soga Iori (Ayano) who couldn't care less about NPS or whether a criminal survives. The commanding officer of NPS is portrayed by Omori Nao, while the heroine - a nurse - is played by Fukiishi Kazue. 


On January 6, a special premiere for the first episode of upcoming TBS drama "S -Saigo no Keikan-" starring Mukai Osamu, was held at TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills, and at the event, it was announced that the drama will be getting a film adaptation.
"S -Saigo no Keikan-" is a live-action adaptation of popular manga (written by Komori Yoichi, illustrated by Todo Yutaka) currently being serialized on Big Comic. 
It depicts the activities of men who try to protect lives by risking their own. Mukai plays the protagonist Kamikura Ichigo, a former professional boxer, and now a member of a fictitious special force called "National Police Safety-Rescue (NPS for short)", who is an impulsive doer type of man; and Ayano Go plays Soga Iori, a member of Special Assault Team who often gets into conflict with Kamikura.

Other than Mukai and Ayano, other cast of the drama including Takashima Masahiro, Fukiishi Kazue, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Takahashi Tsutomu, Tsuchiya Anna, and Omori Nao also made appearances at the special premiere.

TBS drama "S -Saigo no Keikan-" will begin airing on January 12 (every Sunday at 9:00 pm).