Friday, 20 September 2013


Quick update for those going to Paris for the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii! In order to participate to the Meet & Greet and have an autograph of Anna (at 4PM), you will HAVE to buy something from the special stand selling the artists' goods and CDs. It is compulsory, otherwise, you won't have a ticket for the M&G. The booth where you can buy them, is the N20 in the Nippon section. Don't forget that ;)

Une petite update pour ceux qui se trouveront à la Tokyo Crazy Kawaii. Pour participer au Meet & Greet d'Anna (à 16h, je rappelle), il vous faudra OBLIGATOIREMENT acheter un CD (d'Anna bien sûr) au stand N20 de la partie Nippon. On vous donnera un ticket pour le M&G. Il n'est pas possible d'y accéder autrement !

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