Wednesday, 18 June 2014

GONIN Official Twitter translation

@gonin_saga 19 years after the movie GONIN, director Ishii Takashi decided to produce the long-awaited sequel GONIN Saga! The official Twitter account is now open! Until it is released in 2015, you will get the latest information! Please, look forward to it!

@gonin_saga This work will be starring Higashide Masahiro-san. In addition, Kiritani Kenta-san, Tsuchiya Anna-san, Emoto Tasuku-san, Ando Masanobu-san will join this wonderful talented cast, and will liven up the story with everyone’s passion! Please, pay attention.

@gonin_saga On the official website, starting with director Takashi Ishii, all the comments of Higashide-san, Kiritani-san, Tsuchiya-san, Emoto-san and Ando-san about their enthusiasm for this work and their passion for GONIN! →

"After watching Gonin, a variety of honest feelings were born.
Once you watched it and thanks to director Ishii’s charm, I think you want to experience more. I realized that he has attracted a lot of people thanks to his sensitivity and genius. Strength, sadness, beauty. I am pleased to be able to feel the unspeakable human emotions and the cries of the soul in this movie.
To what extent is this natural, this is my theme. I want to do my best to fit in the director’s universe while having fun.
I think it would be nice to impress a lot of people by the work you made yourself."

— Anna's interview on Gonin's official website

@gonin_saga From last night to this morning, action scenes were filmed during the downpour with Higashide-san as Hayato, Kiritani-san as Daisuke and Ando-san as the third generation. Speaking about rain for the Ishii crew. The rain pouring from the front of the screen to the back makes the filming unique.

@gonin_saga And this afternoon, we’re filming in the house where Asami lives. Despite the foam, you can hear the sound of gunshots. For some reason, it seems there is a gap between the third and second generation… The turn of the second generation, Daisuke, is over and it seems like Asami’s scene filming will take until midnight.

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